Our ambassadors are in the backyard, home & garden, or pest control niches. They believe that we can enjoy our life outdoors without the risk of disease or pestering from mosquitoes. They work with us to spread the word about Ambush Mosquito Traps through their social media, word of mouth and blogs.

Why is our Ambassador program the industry-leading program in the home and garden niche?

  • Our lowest (bronze level) commission rate is 20% of sales - already 8 times the equivalent rate of Ambush Associates. The average commission on the sale of 1 item is $39.80.
  • We offer a lifetime commission which is very rare in the industry.
  • We also offer very unique coupon codes for your audience on your social media platforms.
  • We also offer all the content that you need - high-res photos, meme's, even videos. They can all be instantly downloaded from your Ambassador dashboard, so you can post that on your social media timeline or elsewhere online.

Ambassador Program Levels

As an Ambush Ambassador, the commission you earn for each sales starts at 20% and as your sales increase, so does your commission rate.

Oh, and your friends, family + followers will get 10% off their purchase, too!



Four levels:

  • BRONZE Level (1-10 sales): You receive 20% commission on every sale through your affiliate link or coupon code. After your 10th sale on bronze level, your payments will increase will move to silver level.
  • SILVER Level (11-25 sales): You receive 25% commission on every sale through your affiliate link or coupon code. After your 25th sale on bronze level, your payments will increase will move to silver level.
  • GOLD Level (25-50 sales): You receive 30% commission on every sale through your affiliate link or coupon code. After your 50th sale on bronze level, your payments will increase will move to silver level.
  • PLATINUM (50+ sales): You still receive 30% commission on every sale through your affiliate link or coupon code. PLUS you'll receive lifetime commissions for every purchase that customer makes ... ever.

How it Works

APPLY: Fill out a simple Ambush Ambassador application so we know more about you.
SHARE: Tell all your friends and fam about your unique ambassador code to earn commissions
COLLECT: Follow our Ambush Ambassador social channels for all the best content

Who can become an Ambassador?

To be an Ambush Ambassador, you must be based in the USA, or have website visitors who are from the United States.

Sorry - coupon sites are not eligible to become Ambush Ambassadors

What is my Affiliate Shopping Link?

The affiliate shopping link makes it easier to share your ambassador code digitally and via social media! The link takes them directly to the website and automatically applies your ambassador code to their order! This will last up to 30 days. Don't worry, that doesn't mean your code is only active for 30 days. So whenever someone has clicked on your shopping link and goes back to the website in the next 30 days your code will still be added to their order.

This is a feature of the program designed to help make sales even easier for you! This link is located in your Ambassador account, right on the front page. You can copy the full link or even use the bitly (a shortened link) option provided below that.\

What is my Discount Coupon Code?

Your discount code is personalised to your own account, and entitles your customers to a 10% discount on the sale price of any item.

Your discount code will be your signup first and last name. So for example, if you signed up under your name "Tina Davies", then your discount code will be "tinadavies" and when your customers enter this code at checkout, their shopping cart will be reduced by 10%

How do I track my sales and commission?

Easy! Just login to your Ambassador account with the email and password you created while signing up for the Ambassador Program. This will allow you to track your sales and the commission you earn. Just a reminder that your rep code is good for 10% off orders, and you'll also receive a commission on each order placed with your code.

Side note: At this time, our program system doesn't allow you to see who purchased using your code (just in case you were curious!).

When are Commissions calculated?

We now process the ambassador rewards once a month around the 9th of the month! So for example, if you made a sale anytime in July that qualifies a new tier, we will process your reward around the 9th of August. We now are able to notify you when your payment has been made.You MUST make sure your paypal details are correct by the 1st of each month! Otherwise, your commission payments will NOT make it to you.

How do I get paid for my sales?

To make Ambassador payments as easy as possible, we pay Ambassador commissions via PayPal, a free service that's super quick and easy to sign up for. Now to apply as an Ambush Ambassador, you are required to have Paypal to sign up. To get started, head to paypal.com.au to create your account. Without a PayPal account connected to your Ambassador account, we won't be able to pay you commission (which would be a total bummer).

While applying for the Ambassador Program, you must fill out your PayPal email address in the field titled "PayPal Email Address". Please know that this must be the email you use to log into your Paypal account, NOT your Paypal link. Unfortunately, that does not work with our system.

What's in my Ambassador Account?

Your Ambassador account will be your go-to for everything you need! There you can do things like keep track of your sales and commission, update shipping or payment info, or find your Referral Code if you ever forget it! Once you log in, Ambassadors can access the following:

  • Referral Code (Ambassador Code)
  • Affiliate Shopping Link
  • Financials
  • Conversion Details
  • Payment History
  • Paypal Information
  • Account Settings

Your login is the email you used to apply to the program with and the password you entered on your application as well! If you can't remember your password, make sure you do the "Forgot Your Password" link. Make sure you log into the "Affiliate" login! Ambush Ambassador is FREE for all Ambassadors.

*Just know that you cannot purchase items through your Ambassador account.

Can my Ambassador code be used with other discounts?

Since our website only accepts one coupon code at a time, your Ambassador code cannot be combined with any other discount code at checkout. This goes for your ambassador shopping links as well. If another code is added to the order, it will negate the shopping link credit and show as a "Denied" sale in your account.

What are the Ambush Ambassador Rules?

The Ambush Ambassador Program is governed by the Program Terms and Policies which contains all of the rules of the program. These rules are very important so we hope that you will read through them carefully.

  1. You must be 18 or older to be an Ambassador.
  2. Please don't comment with your Ambassador code on any Ambush Mosquito Traps social media posts or channels (i.e. Instagram, Facebook or Youtube), even if you see another Ambassador doing it.
  3. Similarly, don't post your Ambassador code to any posts from Ambush wholesale accounts or stores who carry our products. Also, please do not go into stores that sell Ambush products and share your code with customers. If we receive word from a wholesale account this is happening, you will be removed from the program.
  4. Do not sell Ambush products at events of any kind (e.g. fetes or staples). There is NO physical selling of Ambush items!)
  5. DO NOT add your Ambassador code to coupon sites, it's cheating! We check these sites frequently. If we find your rep code added to one of these coupon sites, you will be notified immediately and this will be cause for REMOVAL from the Ambassador Program. NOTE: This includes using your shopping link in ads from Google, Facebook, etc.
  6. Remember that the purpose of the Ambush Brand Ambassador program is to bring new clients to the brand, and create a positive and supportive environment!
  7. Be kind and respectful to all other ambassadors.