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Robert Mears
Works as expected

The Transformer is compact and provides plenty of line adding to flexibility in placing the trap.

Hi Robert,

Thank you for sharing your feedback on the Transformer! We're delighted to hear that you find it compact and appreciate the added flexibility it offers in trap placement. If you have any more comments or questions, feel free to reach out. We're here to help!

The Ambush Team

Ambush UV-Bulb
Teresa OConnell
Mosquitoes gone

The ambush has made is possible for us to sit outside again. Highly recommend.

Hi Teresa,

Thank you for your feedback! We're delighted to hear that the Ambush Mosquito Trap has enhanced your outdoor experience. We highly appreciate your recommendation.

Best regards,
The Ambush Team


We couldn't be more pleased! We were inundated by swarms....2 weeks went by after we started the Ambush and there was a huge difference. Yes, a few bites still but we could now sit outside and not have to spray! We did replace the trap after a bit over 3 weeks only due to the high temps here in Arizona. So worth the money spent!!! Thanks Ambush!😄

Hi Tina!

We're thrilled to hear how pleased you are with Ambush! Within just two weeks, you noticed a significant difference in the number of swarms and mosquitoes. Now you can enjoy sitting outside without constantly needing to spray. Even in the high temperatures of Arizona, the trap lasted over three weeks before needing a replacement. We're glad you found Ambush to be worth the investment. Thank you for choosing Ambush and for sharing your positive feedback!

Best regards,
The Ambush Team

Ambush mosquitoe trap

Not the time I am writing this review I have been unable to use the device due to our cold weather, but I will be glad to review it when mosquito season comes

Thank you, Rick! We work hard to meet expectations like yours, and we’re happy to hear we'll hit the mark for you. 

American Customer

Purchased on Black Friday, and shipment arrived in a timely manner. Product was recommended by a friend, but I have not used yet since it is Winter here, but looking forward to a mosquito free Summer! As a side note to other American buyers - since the product is coming from Australia, my credit card was put on hold for suspected fraud purchase, but this issue was quickly resolved.

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us feedback.

The Ambush Mosquito Trap

Works wonders

It was speedy but did the job

unfortunately the weather in Michigan has been too cold check back in July,
I will be able to rate at that time, thank you.

The Ambush Mosquito Trap
Tamara Cockayne
mosquito trap review

From having used my Daughter-in-law's ambush mosquito trap, I know it works well. On our family camping trip (3 families) we used her's. We usually are inundated with yellow jackets and flies during the day, and mosquitoes in the evening. We were very pleased to only have a few yellow jackets and flies, and fewer mosquitos!. As we only have a few of those right now, I have not tried the one I just purchased, but will be going south for the winter, and will be using it then.

The Ambush Mosquito Trap
Tamara Cockayne
mosquito trap review

Hello. I will give my review on experience with the one my DIL let us borrow. It worked great. Reduced the amount of hornets and flies during the day, and mosquitos in the evening on our family camping trip. I ordered one for us, and it arrived well packaged. I will not set it up for use for about a month, as where I am now there is very few mosquitos, but as I will be traveling south for the winter it will get some use then, as from experience, I know there will be some then!

It is amazing

This item is very effective in getting rid of mosquitos. Thank you for the chance to use this product

The Ambush Mosquito Trap
Meredith Loughran
Where Bloodsuckers Go To Die

I wanted to wait until my Ambush Mosquito Trap was used for a few weeks and I have definitely noticed a difference especially after we had an extended cold snap (in Florida), followed by heat, humidity and rain which brought out these bloodsuckers. I made sure it was a good distance away from my house, so I used an exterior extension cord to place it beyond the 19-foot cord (included). The only issue I've had it making sure my husband doesn't mow over the cord. Highly recommended and worth every penny.

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Darryl V.
Mozzie death

This product works really well, the CO2 generator lasts for quite some time - citric acid and sodium bicarbonate make for a harmless mix. Simple to set up but works extremely well.
Also strongly recommend the indoor trap, it is very effective.

Well worth the money

I've had the Ambush Mosquito Trap a bit over 2 months and have been really impressed. The booster definitely made a difference for me, after about 4 weeks we started seeing a difference in the number of mozzies. Unit is well made and the after sales support has been great.

Ambush mosquito trap

Not only is this mosquito trap effective, it looks cool with the polished steel co2 cylinder! Definitely made a big impact on our mosquito problems.

NOT many mossies trapped

Its cleaned up the moth population but I see few mosquitoes in it.
I really need another week of drizzling rain to activate more mosquitoes to tell if they are around. Numbers have fallen but suspect mainly due to drier weather.

Great Product

Having tried a number of other UV type traps with very limited success I was somewhat reluctant to outlay a further $249.00. After trying the Ambush Mosquito Trap I can honestly say that it is worth every cent and more, with amazing results right from the start.

Bought recently and seems to be working fine

We bought this trap recently after a relative recommended it to us. It is easy to assemble and seems to be working fine. It does catch a lot of moths but mozzies too.

Ambush Indoor Insect Trap
Darryl V.
big reduction in mozzies and other bities

We have seen a big reduction in these pests. I was a bit sceptical at first with just the CO2 generator, but it works well. The indoor device also works well.

Doesn’t catch mosquitoes

Hi - My Ambush Mosquito trap doesn’t seem to catch mosquitoes - I’ve caught lots of moths and other things, but no mosquitoes despite there being LOADS of those around!!

Ambush Indoor Insect Trap
Rachael H.
Ambush inside and out.

We have both the inside and outside traps.
The inside ones are amazing. Can’t say anything negative about them yet, only been about a month.
The outside traps, as we leave near salt air, the tray the insects collect in are putting/rusting very quickly.
Others wise the traps do a wonder job.

We appreciate your review, Rachel! We'd like to send you an extra catch container. Should I send it to the address on file?

Ambush Indoor Insect Trap
Tim O.
Very easy to setup and

Very easy to setup and use

Ambush Indoor Insect Trap
Michael E.
Ambush mosquito traps

I am extremely happy with the effectiveness of my indoor and the outdoor appliances. So good not to use sprays inside the house!

Great Product that Works

As part of a body corporate I have encouraged multiple owners to purchase this product. The committee has bought several units to assist in some of our large common areas

Ambush Indoor Insect Trap
Robert R.
Mr Robson

Disappointed with he indoor trap as it does not turn off and on as indicated.

Try toggling the switches on the top of the trap. Thanks!